Magnolia Mound

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2161 Nicholson Dr,
Baton Rouge, LA 70802


By Lucki4life | 10/19/2015

Great location


By Rh1222 | 10/9/2015

Well managed

Bethany I.

By Bethany I. | 1/8/2015

Absolutely beautiful! I very much enjoyed the historical lesson from the tour guide. I learned things I had never learned in school and am eager to find out even more through research of my own.

Not enough surveys!

By Not enough surveys! | 10/17/2014

Went for a wedding


By Arenee85 | 10/11/2014

Fun and Educational. Great family outing for kids.


By Jw | 3/21/2015

Wedding was beautiful, but let people explore the property. If something gets broken or destroyed, charge the married couple or require a deposit. It's a shame to have such a beautiful place and yet not be able to see it while you come in from out of town. Unfortunately I can't tell my friends and family how nice the place is or what they need to come visit for- I only got to see one small area.