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1 Science Park,
Boston, MA 02114

Anita H.

By Anita H. | 10/23/2015

Nice to see their adding new exhibits.

Vanessa b

By Vanessa b | 8/16/2015

I delicious


By Jem718 | 7/25/2015

We loved visiting the MoS! Definitely worth the 2 1/2 hour drive. The only semi rude person was the gentleman serving at Pucks but he was very busy. I do wish some of the exhibits with experiments were explained a bit more, or said what it is so we can research at home. My boys loved the discovery center. My little one enjoyed pretending to be a bee in a hive. My oldest enjoyed the experiments with fingers. You have a truly wonderful staff in that department. We are looking forward to a return trip soon.


By ..... | 7/8/2015

Thanks for a wonderful day.


By anonymous | 7/2/2015

Great visit

Laura D.

By Laura D. | 6/22/2015

Loved the exhibits, the 4D show and the electricity show. The cheeseburger on wheat was dry, cold and flavorless. The chicken fingers were burnt. The fries although cold were ok. We also had onion rings and they were good. Thee food wasn't overly expensive so I guess you pay for what you get.

Kate M.

By Kate M. | 5/1/2015

Fantastic !!!


By Lacheezaloca | 11/6/2015

Great food for the price. Staff was nice too! Thanks

Jean A

By Jean A | 9/1/2014

The restaurant is never open during meal times.

Rebecca F.

By Rebecca F. | 5/29/2015

Very good.