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17010 Aurora Ave North,
Seattle, WA 98133

Andrew W

12/19 2014

By Andrew W 12/19 2014 | 10/17/2015

Again I must say that this is a very good business model, it is also quite indicative of the state of our country economically. The people who are in financial control of the US and who keep the wage earners in a constant month to month financial existence are exemplified by the design of pawn shops. It is a viable business model for several reasons, one of which is low wages and one of which is the drug culture in which people end up needing to sustain their habits above the means financially to sustain them.

Barbara J.

By Barbara J. | 4/19/2015

I like this Cash America always has been fair to me. And I liked it when I went to pay my loan off and got my merchandise back they asked for my ID. to see if that really was me that matched the loan ticket, I wondered if that really mattered and it did with the store I went to.

Andrew W

12/19 2014

By Andrew W 12/19 2014 | 9/3/2014

I have a good relationship with this Cash America. I wish I didn't have to use their pawn services, but in this financial situation unfortunately I need and I'm thankful for Cash America, The new staff and crew at this cash America, seem to be all new employees and they are working hard to make Cash America better for its customers.


By anthanyp13 | 1/7/2016

free dvd coupon is the bees knees


By anthanyp13 | 10/23/2014

always love the staff @ this local store

Andrew W

12/19 2014

By Andrew W 12/19 2014 | 7/25/2014

As always the friendly staff made sure I was pointed in the direction I needed and answered all my questions. Pleasure doing business with this cash America.

Steph S

By Steph S | 10/17/2015

Terrible customer service