Wet 'n' Wild

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3910 South Holden Rd,
Greensboro, NC 27406

Great app

By Great app | 9/6/2015

Loved it and will be going back next year since they are closing for this season!!!!


By tinrinca | 8/15/2015

looking forward to getting season passes for next summer.


By Taylormacy20 | 8/14/2015

Had a great time

Camille A.

By Camille A. | 8/10/2015

the staff was very rude and hardly acknowledged me and instead talked to another coworker instead of taking care of my order.


By Shanewolicki | 8/4/2015

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at wet and wild. There is even a point when I dropped my waterproof phone in the deep end of one of the pools, and a lifeguard dive in to get it for me! It was my girlfriends first time going to wet and wild, and she had a blast! Wet n' wild will definitely be a place I frequent again! And while I was there my girlfriend gave a whole new meaning to wet and wild, if you know what I mean


By Jkstewart24 | 8/4/2015

Overall a great experience. Not too happy with how much they like to rip off people as far as the price of lockers to not being able to bring your own coolers in just for lunch. Rides were good. The lifeguards definitely looked like they have had a lot better training since the last time I went. And as a parent and former lifeguard that was great to see.


By anonymous | 8/3/2015

An adults only area would be great. Better selection of non-fried, healthier food.


By Ekh | 8/2/2015

It was great. We lost one of our bags and it was returned to the guest relations which I wasn't expecting at such a busy facility. I will return there MANY times in my future

Good app to give rev

By Good app to give rev | 7/15/2015

Great experience.

Martin h

By Martin h | 7/4/2015

It was amazing very fun