Seven Peaks

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1200 West 1700 South,
Salt Lake City, UT 84104


By Su | 7/18/2015

Wish the water was a little more cleaner

Successful Ceaser

By Successful Ceaser | 7/14/2015

I'm from out of town, it was a very nice park, good size, a lot of rides for the kids. I enjoyed it.


By Sandyo | 7/4/2015

It was fun.

Senhor Barney

By Senhor Barney | 6/12/2015

Had a great time with my son. It was too bad that some of the slides and lazy river closed. Also, some of the facilities were in disrepair and the concrete was spalling. We had a great time though.


By camichar | 8/10/2015

Super run down but fun regardless.


By becksann22 | 8/1/2015

The employees were very strict. I had fun but felt like I kept getting reprimanded for everything that I wanted to do.


By Rambobritt | 8/1/2015

Yes it was good


By anonymous | 7/25/2015

It's good


By nope | 7/6/2015

the food is really expensive


By Carolynaa2 | 7/2/2015

We have season passes. The park seems more rundown than the past. Also, the bathrooms were dirty, and a couple of sinks were not working.