White River Amphitheatre

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40601 Auburn Enumclaw Rd,
Auburn, WA 98092

jess m

By jess m | 9/16/2015

like the free parking but would like to see signs or numbered rows to make it easier to find your car after the event is over.

bearded dragon mommy

By bearded dragon mommy | 8/23/2015

clean facilities and will return for next concert


By CEC | 8/2/2015

Great facilities and layout; had an amazing time there.??????


By Doomlion | 9/16/2015

Food and drinks way overpriced... $16 for one beer? NOT FAIR!


By dramageek | 8/2/2015

Not very clean and there was too much drugs. Everyone was smoking weed and from bongs and the smell was just overwhelming. Even the staff was smoking


By Sharmaine32 | 6/20/2015

If I purchase a drink & you tell me free refills all day then I come back & you tell me I have to pay that's dishonest


By Shala | 6/15/2015

The way the amphitheater is built, all the surrounding pollen in the area seems to be sucked into the covered portion of it and just hang there. I had an allergy attack due to this and it lessened my enjoyment of the evening. It would probably be helpful to have some fans at the top to blow the pollen back out.

Jessica k.

By Jessica k. | 7/12/2015

Horrible getting there as there is only one way in and out. What would normally take 20 minutes to get there it took 2 hours. And leaving took 2 hrs to get out of the parking lot alone and another 3 hrs to get home. Never would go there again.


By Nm | 6/20/2015

Very small venue could not see the stage sitting on the grass. Also they did not use the screens on the side to show the artist who was singing which sucked bc I already could no see them did not like this venue


By Courtneynol | 6/20/2015

Prices where way to much! 4.75 just for water is crazy! There where fights breaking out and no security in sight!