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1650 Richmond St,
Mount Vernon, KY 40456

Aaron C.

By Aaron C. | 10/17/2015

Look, I understand a bad day but people who work at Disney make about the same money as fast food employees do. They still make it the happiest place On earth. It's time to stop pretending like their is an endless supply of customers. I will stop showing up if I am going to be talked to like I'm a jerk for asking a question or, for god sake, ordering food from you. Stop acting like it's too much of a bother to take an order.


By fizzle7033 | 10/11/2015

food was perfect

Happy Rider.

By Happy Rider. | 12/22/2015

Great place to ear

Todd E

By Todd E | 12/12/2015

always good food.


By Georgie | 8/22/2015

America's Roast Beef Yes Sir!

Frank s.

By Frank s. | 4/14/2015

Good food

King S

By King S | 4/11/2015

Slow service and they left out half of our menu items


By Lanna2014 | 12/23/2014

Got everything we asked for


By RyleeMM | 11/29/2014

The food taste and quality has improved! I had not been in a long time and it was great!


By Jess | 7/30/2015

Took forever to get food. Finally when sandwhiches were ready they realized there were no fries so we had to wait even longer for those.