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3154 El Cajon Blvd,
San Diego, CA 92104


By TMc | 1/15/2016

Cannot stay away from the Froster!


By Slinke | 12/12/2015

Clean Store

Stephanie O

By Stephanie O | 12/6/2015

Expensive compared to competitors


By AmyM | 8/28/2015

Band kens d kind sleep d end fmeps d fake d spend field f God d

Neida r.

By Neida r. | 7/27/2015

The gas station is more modern which makes pumping gas better, faster, and simpler.


By TMc | 5/25/2015

I love the Froster!!!


By MeganDA | 12/16/2014

Quick and friendly service to keep my day going positive, there's nothing better then good costumer service and cheap, good priced gas! Keep it coming 76! You the real MVP! Lol ;)

Jesse G

By Jesse G | 1/12/2016

I need it gas and some power ball tickets staff was ok and it was fast so I guess I will come back some other time


By TMc | 12/16/2015

Purchased a Froster and this store does not honor the $0.89 for any size Froster. Because I had chosen an extra large cup, the clerk did not know how to charge me. Ultimately he charged me 2 * $0.89 + tax, or a total of $1.92. I'm sure that is not what I should have paid, but I wanted an extra large Froster, so I had no choice.


By SomeDudeInChula | 5/11/2015

It's bad enough to have to use a gas station bathroom, but a Porta Potty? That's not okay.