You can! Download our free SurveyMini app and you’ll receive surveys about the locations you visit. Respond to the surveys quickly by leaving quality reviews and you will earn rewards, discounts or free items from your favorite brands!

Not yet, but stay tuned! We will be launching a Trumpet Ratings app in the near future.

With most review sites, there’s no way to make sure the review is from a real customer. Also, even if the review is from a real customer, most users only post a review after a noteworthy experience—positive or negative—which means the experience you’re reading about might not happen very often.

Trumpet Ratings takes care of both problems by asking customers to provide feedback either by an invitation on their receipt or via our SurveyMini app when a location’s visit is detected. In addition to making sure that reviews are only coming from real customers, this allows Trumpet to collect feedback on the sort of experience that customers can expect on a day-to-day basis.

In short, our reviews are more reliable because we make sure they’re coming from real customers like you.

With the initial launch of Trumpet Ratings, we want to ensure we are providing an exceptional experience to our clients and visitors, so we have chosen to include a small subset of businesses across the U.S. and U.K. We will be expanding very quickly however, so be sure to send us your business info and we’ll be in touch soon!

Currently we are only in the United States and the UK. We will be expanding to additional countries in the future though, so check back with us before you book your next vacation!

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